With so many excellent options available on the market today, it’s good to have a favorite brand that you can easily recognize. The Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag would be such a brand and is a very good buy for this very reasonable price. For such a low price, the Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag can be a wonderful choice and is an everyday choice amongst a lot of people. Here are some of the reasons why:

suisse sport adventurer mummy ultracompactable sleeping bag

First, the inside of this particular sleeping bag is quite well done. This is an “all around” bag with both a draft tube and an insulated mesh. The inside also has a front pocket that is large enough to hold at least one bottle of water and a couple of change cloths. On the other hand, the draft tube can be a good accessory if you plan on going out into colder climates. It will allow you to bring more gear along without taking up extra space in your backpack.

Another reason the Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag earns such a high rating is because it is extremely warm. In fact, it was rated as the best temperature ratings all around for a sleeping bag. It’s rated at a cool 30 degrees above ambient temperature, which is very comfortable for sleeping. When you’re traveling long distances, you’ll appreciate having the added warmth. You can easily toss the cover over it and wear it comfortably the whole time you’re on the road.

On the inside, the materials used for the stuffing of the bag are very well done. The high quality of materials is what allows it to provide such a warm sleep at a very low temperature. Also, the inside is lined with both soft and durable material which helps make it extremely comfortable even during warm weather.

Finally, the suisse sport adventurer mummy ultra-compactable sleeping bag’s insulation is a very breathable design. The polyester fill used in the filling allows for a very well done insulating process. This helps keep the bag very warm while keeping the air close to the body, which prevents condensation. Some sleeping bags with comparable insulation rates will not allow for as much air flow to circulate around the user.

Overall, these bags are top notch. They have the ability to keep your stuff very warm without having to spend a ton of money on other winter coats. It’s easy enough to throw the cover over it when you’re traveling and you’re good to go. The suisse explorer draft tube and owner’s manual definitely address some of the issues some people might have with sleeping bags and help put them to rest.