For those who love the outdoors, it is hard to beat the suisse sport 3-lb. Alpine mummy sleeping bag is certainly one of the best options on the market for anyone looking for a quality sleeping bag that can stand up to the wear and tear of travel. The synthetic polyester material that the bag is made from will keep the cold out better than just about any other bag that is currently on the market.

suisse sport 3lb alpine mummy sleeping bag

With a full body, wide shoulder strap, the suisse sport 3-lb. Alpine Moisture Sleeping Bag is well constructed and has all of the features that anyone could ask for in a sleeping bag. It comes with a nice comfortable zipped pocket that you can unzip to use as an organizing tool for your sleeping bag and a mesh cover for protection against insects and other forms of dirt and dust. There are also several compartments on the inside that are accessible via zippers.

The inside of the sleeping bag is ventilated so that you can stay cool during your trip. You can choose between either a polyester or Dura fabric that is great for any outdoor trips. The synthetic polyester will give you plenty of room to pack whatever you want because of its special construction. It also will not absorb too much heat, which is a concern for many people who enjoy camping trips.

The one complaint that many people have about sleeping bags is that they can be heavy, bulky, and hard to maneuver into smaller spaces. This is one of the reasons that this bag is so lightweight and easy to carry. It is one of the few on the market that is made in such a fashion, and it helps that it is made of synthetic material, which is highly durable and yet light enough so that it is easy to carry.

You can expect the Suisse Sport 3- lb. Alpine mummy sleeping bag to last for many years, as long as you take care of it and keep it clean. The zipper is very sturdy, and they do make replacement bags if they become worn out. This is fairly inexpensive, considering how long it lasts you.

Overall, this is a very good sleeping bag that will give you all of the quality that you expect for the price you pay. If you are looking for a synthetic alternative to traditional materials, then this may be the sleeping bag for you. The price is great and the quality is great. You may find that this is just what you were looking for, especially if you like synthetic materials and durable.