If you’re searching for the best camping gear and supplies, it is important that you look no further than a Slumberjack sleeping bag. The company is an established American brand which was founded in 1995. It is one of the most well known brands in this field because it offers consumers an extensive variety in sleeping bags, featuring high quality and durable materials. It strives to provide customers with top-quality outdoor gear at affordable prices.

slumberjack sleeping bag

The Slumberjack sleeping bag offers a wide range of options to choose from, all of which are designed to be as lightweight as possible. In addition to being extremely compact, this type of product also offers the highest quality and warmth. One of the best-selling models is the ‘All Weather’ Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. This bag is made with a heavy duty polyester/cotton mix and is guaranteed to keep you warm no matter where you decide to venture. With a foot box that comes up to 9 inches deep and 9 inches across, it also has a pair of removable insulated shoulder pads. What’s more is that these pads can be zipped together to make a larger sized foot box that can be used in any climate type – whether wet or dry.

There is another type of this product that is offered by slumberjack sleeping bag – the ‘Trapezoidal Foot Box’. The trapezoidal foot box offers the same quality as the ‘All Weather’ bag, offering a comfortable and sturdy combination of warmth and weight. The excellent qualities of the All Weather sleeping bag are met with a slightly more wintry mix. This bag is made with a 10 inch thick polyester/cotton blend. However, it also comes with two removable insulated shoulder pads which are also large. These pads offer the same level of warmth and comfort offered by the all-around model.

As it turns out, the combination of these two models is exactly what gives the slumberjack sleeping bag its value rating. They are both extremely warm and reasonably lightweight – which makes them an ideal choice for campers, hikers and anyone else who want a bag that can keep them warm without weighing them down too much. Another great thing about these sleeping bags is that they each come with their own matching odor eliminator. The All Weather bag has an ‘Ambergris Caye’ scent, which is supposed to help ward off negative influences, while the Trapezoidal Foot Box has a scent that is supposed to invoke a relaxing mood.

There is one more item that is unique to these sleeping bags and that is the draft tube. These draft tubes are placed at either end of the slumberjack. This helps provide additional insulation to the wearer. In addition, the draft tube helps provide an increased level of comfort. One thing worth noting about these tubes is that when they are not in use, they maintain their shape and don’t become wobbly. That means that they maintain their heat loss properties and allow for additional air flow through them – thus keeping the user very comfortable.

The overall rating 5 of the Slumberjack sleeping bag is based on how well the fabric holds moisture. The fabric is breathable but also durable and doesn’t get too hot or sweaty. Most reviews note that the material stays as warm as it did when new. They have been found to do well in both hot and cold weather and have been used for a number of years in extreme conditions. One thing that buyers should be aware of is that due to their breathability and durability, they are more likely to be worn than other synthetic fabrics – so make sure you know how well it will hold up.

The color that most buyers choose is black. However, because of their warmth, many people opt to purchase a colored rectangular sleeping bag instead. A popular choice is a navy blue or gray. As with everything else, different colors will look better in different environments. In the case of the Slumberjack, this means looking for an exceptionally cold environment where the color holds up best.

For those who need to travel in extremely cold weather, a few extra features can be beneficial. For example, there are several insulated sleep sacks that Slumberjack offers. These insulated sleeping bags are great for anyone who is concerned about heat loss while sleeping. Those with little ones might also want to consider the addition of an accessory called a fleece liner. All of these extras will help to make a sleeping bag more efficient for the user and help to ensure comfort and warmth during extreme cold weather.