Should you walk your dog at night? Things you need.

If you are walking your dog at night, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

When it comes to the question whether you should go hiking, trekking/walking your dog at night, it depends on the circumstances.

Is it more peaceful?

Early mornings before sunrise or late evenings when it’s dark, the timing of the day is usally peaceful and quiet. You are able to find more peace and placidity in such places to refresh your head.

If you enjoy the quiet stillness, then you should definitely keep your habit, as long as you are able to sleep on time and get enough hours of sleep.

However, even if it’s dark, if there is a lot of traffic and noise, you’re better off just getting things done during the day. Either way, if your surroundings and environment is going to be busy, so walk your dog when there’s light out.

You are only putting yourself in situations of uncessary risk, because you can get lost, hurt, injured, or even mugged, at least the chances are higher when it’s dark.

If you have to walk your dog at night

If either you have to or if you find solace in stillness, you still want to make sure you have the tools and gear to make your eveyday habit as comfortable as possible.

Get a hands free harness

Holding a leash is rather annoying, so get one of these hands-free leash that will free up your hands. They are not that expensive and will greatly add to your overall experience.

Get a flashlight

You need to know where you are going to stay safe. You don’t necesssarily need high end flashlights that require powerful batteries, as long as you see a few yards ahead of you, it should be good.

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Get a flashlight mount

If you would like to free your hand and not have to grip onto something forever, get one of these straps that will make it easier for you.