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Product Details

  • Improves Sleep Quality

  • Promotes a Happier Mood
  • Enhances Calm
  • Relieves Travel Anxiety
  • Enhances Oxytocin
  • Helps Releasing Dopamine and Serotonin
  • Assists Lowering cortisol
  • Assists Fighting Insomnia
  • Reduces Anxiety and Restlessness
  • Helps Keeping Focus for Students
  • Easing Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Relieves Painful Fibromyalgia
  • Eases Pain
  • Aids Elderly People

Serenity Weighted Blanket Review 

Weighted blankets are designed to be heavier than regular blankets because they add weight using plastic or glass beads, ball bearings, or other heavy fill.

You can use a weighted blanket on the bed, couch, or anywhere you like to relax. Weighted blankets take their inspiration from a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation, which uses firm, controlled pressure to induce a feeling of calm.

These blankets are very comfortable and can be using in a tent while hiking.