50% OFF: American Gun Owners Quick Draw Mount

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American Gun Owners Association is giving a 50% discount on their Quick Daw Mount. It can be concealed under a desk, inside a car, next to a door frame, or wherever that suits you.

You can get a special 50% discount, and the details are below.

Free Offer Details

  • Simple & Easy: The quickdraw design allows you to simply push your mounted handgun against the front of our gun magnet to rack your slide, saving you that precious one extra second during an emergency situation.
  • Sight Friendly: Sight Friendly construction means your sights will not get damaged or scratched.
  • Super strong magnet: Holds your handgun very securely in your car even on bumpy terrains. Compatible with nearly all handguns/pistols/CCWs.
  • Comes with: 1 AGOA™ Quickdraw Mount, 4* 0.75 inch mounting screws , 4* conical anchors

Quickdraw Mount Review

This gun mount fits almost all handguns with a flat top. Everything you need to set it up will be included, so you can easily attach it to whatever type of surface that you want.

Place this mount somewhere close by and have it ready and available where you need it the most. This Mount is useful for anyone who holds a small pistol and needs a concealed place to attach a pistol. I find it is a great product that is worth getting.