50% Discount: V9 Tac Military Smart Watch

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  • IP67 Water-Resistant
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Scientific Sports Data
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • Bluetooth Remote Camera
  • Sleep monitoring
  • FitCloudPro App
  • Receive notifications
  • Sync to both iPhone and Android
  • Ultralong battery

V9 Tac Military SmartWatch Review

Engineered by a small group of elite former military, the watch was made to be tough that a soldier could wear it in the heat of war.

The V9 Tact Watch comes ready for the “combat” of daily life. Demanding a physical job? Extreme workouts and outdoor sports? No problem, this smartwatch can get through without so much as a nick or scratch.

What’s more, this smartwatch is also dust and waterproof. It can withstand the toughest situations with no problems at all…

Your V9 Tact Watch will leave the expensive ‘weakling’ smartwatches in the dust. Once you experience the strength and versatility of this robust military-grade smartwatch, you’ll never look back!

The watch is one of the best watches in the market you can invest in as it is guaranteed to last long.


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