84% Discount: Milspec Tactical Eyeware

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Ape Survival is offering an 84% discount on these tactical glasses. You can claim the discount on their official website.

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  • ​Includes 4 Different Lens Types
  • TR90 Hi-Flex Lightweight Frame
  • Quality Steel Pin Hinge Point
  • Polarized + UV Protect Lens
  • Fast Clip Lens Switch-out System
  • Ultra Wide Wrap For Unobstructed Vision
  • Stylish Enough For Daily Use
  • ​Includes Head Wrap Band
  • Includes Tough Hard Protective Case
  • ​Includes Soft Case + Microfiber Cleaner

The POLARIZED LENS is designed to reduce external glare and strong light, making it ideal for use on bright days and while driving.

The YELLOW LENS absorbs blue light to enhance contrast and clarity, particularly in low light conditions such as dusk, night, fog, and rain. It is often used for design work, hunting, and night time activities.

The GRAY LENS reduces light intensity and improves color perception, making it suitable for use in a variety of lighting conditions from dawn to dusk.

The TRANSPARENT LENS provides protection against ultraviolet rays and protects the eyes from foreign objects. It can be worn at night or while participating in activities such as motorcycle riding or general housework where eye protection is needed.

The HIFLEX FRAME is made of a high-quality polycarbonate material that is flexible and less brittle than other materials. It is able to return to its original shape after bending and is lightweight for improved comfort.

1 review for 84% Discount: Milspec Tactical Eyeware

  1. Peak

    Comes with other tools and utilities. Pretty cool glasses.

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