Free XLM LED Cap Light

VIP Survival Academy is doing a giveaway for this LED light. Get it free on their official website.

Get This LED Light Free

  • High-Quality Finish: Built for durability, this attachment will survive any adventure.
  • Seamless Integration: Simply clip the XLM LED Light clip onto any cap for a secure attachment.
  • Hands-free: Get more done without having to hold a torch or phone to light your surroundings.
  • Flash Proof: Hate when fellow campers shine their bright light in your eyes? Now you can prevent this entirely!
  • XLM Ultra-Bright: Boasting an innovative 11-bulb LED combination with over 150 lumens for staggering brightness.

The VIP Survival Academy offers a free LED cap light to anyone interested in enhancing their outdoor experiences or emergency preparedness. This innovative cap light is a handy tool for anyone who needs to illuminate their surroundings at night, whether camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting.

This cap light is made with high-quality materials that make it durable, waterproof, and resistant to extreme weather conditions. The LED light has an adjustable beam that can be focused to provide broad or narrow illumination, depending on the situation. The cap itself is made from a breathable, lightweight material that ensures comfort and allows for extended use.


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