Free Viking Raider Longship Knife

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  • Locking “OAR” Sheath​- Carry safely without the nylon sheath with this unique and secure integrated locking solution.
  • 2.75 Inch Sheepsfoot Blade – The straight-edged blade is easy to sharpen on flat-stone or handheld devices. The false-point shape protects from unintentionally stabbing soft tissues…unlike drop-point blades.
  • Integrated Carabiner – Make it easy at securing the ‘Longship’ to belt-loop, backpack, or life-vest.
  • Ambidextrous Finger-loop -Increase hand comfort and stability in wet or dry environments.

A Longship knife is a type of knife that is inspired by the design of traditional Viking knives. There are several reasons why someone may want to buy a Longship knife, some possible reasons include:

  1. Historical significance: Longship knives are inspired by the knives that were used by the Vikings, and owning one may be an interesting way to connect with that historical period.
  2. Design: Longship knives typically have a unique and striking design that may appeal to knife enthusiasts.
  3. Quality construction: Longship knives are often made with high-quality materials and are built to last.
  4. Outdoor use: A Longship knife can be a useful tool for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and survival.
  5. Collectability: Some people may collect knives, and a Longship knife can be an interesting and unique addition to their collection.

It’s important to note that knives can be dangerous and should be handled with care and caution. It’s also important to check if it’s legal to carry a Longship knife in your location before buying one.

1 review for Free Viking Raider Longship Knife

  1. Mike

    Good quality knife, and the blade holds its edge well.

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