Free TRS Jack Multi-Tool

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Get This Knife Free

  • handy for stripping or snipping even thick gauge wire
  • pry bar to open a can of paint
  • pop a stubborn window.
  • easily lift or lower heavy gear

It’s small and lightweight enough to carry on your belt loop or key chain without hassle. In fact, it’s so light and agile you will forget you’re carrying it.

That is until you need it. And if you’re an outdoorsman, you’ll need it often, because there are a million and one tasks it can do.

What’s Included:

First, you’ll get the TRS Jack. The most convenient tough as nails multi-tool you’ll ever own. So light and small you’ll almost forget you have it. So outrageously durable, it can handle man-sized jobs. The only thing I ask is that you at least cover the shipping and handling.

Second, you get that insanely generous one year guarantee on your shipping and handling fee. If you aren’t thrilled to death with your TRS Jack, just contact my office and get full refund, but keep the Jack just for your troubles. That means you get it 100% free without even risking your small shipping and handling fee.

Third. You’ll get the free walk through video from the product designer himself. A brief and interesting video overview just to quickly orient you to your new gadget.

Fourth. You’ll receive instant access to some amazing secrets that expert Bruce Beck and other top Search and Rescue experts use to protect themselves in the wild. This is also yours for free.

1 review for Free TRS Jack Multi-Tool

  1. Mike

    This multitool knife is light and perfect for camping!

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