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You can get this free knife from their official website. Please make sure to read their TOS before ordering.

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  • Tough-as-Nails 8Cr13MoV steel construction
  • Freakishly sharp 3.5 in tanto blade with serrations
  • Overall length is 7.25 in
  • Weighs only 2 ounces
  • Tactical Sheath with Belt Clip Included
  • Excellent Sheath Retention for Max Security
  • Tactical Black Paracord Handle with Lanyard

Tanto Tactical Knife Review

If you’ve used a knife with a tanto blade before, then you must already know why it offers some unique advantages. I’m not here to give you the best reasons to choose this knife as your wilderness friend, but actually, highlight the different qualities of this tanto knife. If you’re interested in more versatile and multi-functional tools, you can check out this EDC Fork Knife or Rhino knife.

  • You can easily see from its long blade with chisel point which comes in handy in many outdoor activities. The tanto blade is actually famous for its strength to cut through hard materials. And if you are an experienced camper, you might already know the benefits of a serrated blade. That’s another great feature of this Tactical Knife. I personally think every hiker or camper who needs to prepare food in the wilderness should own at least one knife with a serrated blade.
  • Another feature that I like about this knife is its weight and tactical sheath. I suppose you will most likely carry this knife around on a pretty regular basis after you get it for free, so the weight and convenience play a huge role. It’s lightweight compared to other knives. In addition, the sheath also has a belt clip which makes it easier for you to carry around. I really like how they put such importance on the safety of it – excellent sheath retention. So I think you can also use it as a self-defense tool on a daily basis.

As part of their introductory launch, MyCrisisGear is offering this Tanto Tactical Knife for free. It might not be as high-quality as other expensive knives sold in stores, but it could be an affordable alternative.

1 review for Free Tanto Tactical Knife

  1. Mike

    This is a pretty nice knife with a nice leather sheath. It came pretty sharp but the handle is uncomfortable.

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