Free Tactical USA Hydration Camelbak Backpack

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  • Lightweight: (weighs 26 ounces)
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Waist Straps & Chest Straps
  • Holds 3 Liters Of Liquid
  • Keeps Liquid Cool For Up To 4 hours
  • Bladder Stays Secure During Hikes, Bike Rides & Long Runs Without Bouncing
  • 100% Leak-Proof
  • Size: 16.5 x 9.1 x 2 inches.

Tactical USA Camelbak Review

If you need something bigger than a water bottle but don’t necessarily want to carry a bulky piece of equipment, then this Camelbak might be something to consider.

This is perfect for any type of outdoor activity such as hunting, hiking, biking, etc.

The backpack itself is about ~5 liters and the camelbak can fill up to 3 liters.

I just wish the backpack itself was a little bigger than 5 liters and had extra compartments to store some of my belongings.

If you wish, you can put it inside a bigger backpack and get the same benefit.

Comfort and design are not necessarily strong points, but a free product, it will deliver on the practical essentials.


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