Free Tactical Pen Knife

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  • Think Small: This pen knife, best fits in your pocket, or backpack.
  • Unassuming Design: Writes the same as a real pen
  • Hidden Blade: Offers a 2.13” length blade
  • Overall size of 5.5”
  • Unassuming normal black color

About This Pen Knife

Tactical pen knives are multi-tools used by survivalists and law enforcement. This type of weapon is useful for a number of purposes. The pointed tip of a pen is effective in cutting or escaping from restraints, which is essential if you’re ever attacked. The pen is easy to carry and is great for self-defense and escape. A well-designed pen can be used to protect yourself and your loved ones in a variety of situations.

The tactical pen knife has been used as a bludgeon by soldiers and law enforcement. The blunt object will make an impact on the attacker’s sensitive areas. The insteps of the foot and the knees are especially sensitive. The more often you strike these areas, the greater the impact on the attacker’s body. By striking this area, you can subdue an attacker and then escape. The tactical pen knife is an excellent weapon for defending yourself.

It’s discreet and easy to conceal, so it may look like an ordinary pen and function like a typical pen for writing purposes, but on the other side, you have a knife ready in case of emergencies.

I would not recommend you to carry this with you on an airplane, it will most definitely be confiscated, something to keep in mind.

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