Free Steel River American USA Flag Stiletto Knife

Free Offer Details

  • Deadly & Easily Concealed
  • Patriotic Handle
  • Wicked Fast Blade Release
  • 9 Inches In Total Length
  • 4 Inch Razor Sharp Blade
  • Contoured Grip Improves Control
  • Integrated Belt Clip
  • Extremely Durable Yet Lightweight

American USA Flag Stiletto Review

Steel River is having a promotion for this American flag stiletto. For any proud patriots, this could be a cool knife to have.

Besides the patriotic handle, functionality-wise, the stiletto knife spring unfolds smoothly and nicely. Compared to some other free folding pocket knives, the edge is a bit longer at 4 inches, but a little thinner, however, the blade is thick enough to withstand impact.

The overall frame is slim and rather elegant, so sometimes it feels like a heavy pen or something similar to that sort.

Lastly, because it has a liner lock, it is relatively safe to unfold and put away.


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