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Shiyunme is a budget-friendly brand. While it’s not a Ferrari-level quality by any means, if you are interested in a survival watch that is decent enough, then try this watch.

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Product Description

  • 6-IN-1 SURVIVAL WATCH: bracelet watch/compass/whistle/sickle/Fire Starter/ Paracord. Excellent waterproof performance: Waterproof ring is embedded in the back cover and buttons of the watch to ensure that every gap has a strict defense. It can prevent rain and shallow diving (but it is not guaranteed to prevent swimming for a long time and intense swimming, and no key operation can be performed in the water.
  • STARTER | BUCKLES: Those are the Most Important Part’s for Outdoor Survival Camping. We Strongly Focus on Those Area.Most of the Bracelet Uses Cheap Compass.
  • FUNCTIONS: After the rope strap was disassembled, this is a 86cm long rope military seven-core parachute that can bear 250 pounds and can be used as a trap rope.You can use its Magnesium rods and Scraper to get fire, and you can use High Decibel Whistle when needed and Compass help you find right direction.
  • WATERPROOF MOVEMENT and DISPLAY: Suitable for everyday use. Hand wash / Splash / rain waterproof. NOT suitable for soaking in water for a long time like diving, swimming, snorkeling, water-related work. Please do not press any button under water; Quartz movement with analog and digital display, make reading the time much easier.

Review of the Shiyunme Survival Watch

The material is cheap plastic, but the highlight of the Shiyunme survival watch is its practical use and application.

You have a compass, a thermometer, and a paracord which is great for outdoor and hiking use. At least you won’t get lost and know when to avoid the sun if it gets too hot.

However, that’s not all, the thing I like most about this watch is the magnesium flint for starting a fire. There were many cases in which I found myself without a lighter and unable to start a fire, but you can strike the fire-starting rod with some tinder and get a fire going the old-fashioned way.

While it is advertised as waterproof, what it actually means is that it is water-resistant. It can handle rain, and splash of water and still function but doesn’t necessarily submerge the watch underwater.

My only issue with this watch is the cheap plastic. Metal or at least rubber feels a lot more comfortable, whereas plastic feels lightweight and abrasive on the skin.

However, it does look stylish and can go quite well with outdoor outfits and gear, and the tools that come along with it can make me overlook the cheap plastic.

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  1. Mike

    The watch is a great offer, considering the price!

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