Free My Survival Promos Anti-Theft Backpack

You can claim your free backpack by participating in a special promotion on their official website. 

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  • Anti-Theft Backpack: Made of strong anti-scratch /-cut fabric, this backpack keeps your belongings pretty safe with hidden zippers in the main pocket and a secret pocket at the back
  • Convenient Charging: Via the built-in charging cable on the inside of the laptop backpack and the USB charging port on the outside, you can just plug in and charge your device anywhere.
  • Great for Your Electronics: The business backpack has versatile compartments for separately storing pens, phones, wallets, notebooks, and up to 15.6 inches laptop – protected from shock with an elastic band and velvet inside
  • Less Stress, More Comfort: The adjustable shoulder straps, widened and well curved with padding, and EVA material at the back section of the laptop bag for back protection and breathability, can offer painless carrying for hours

Free My Survival Promos Anti-Theft Backpack Review

While it is advertised as “Free” on My Survival Promos website, you do have to pay $30 shipping for this anti-theft backpack XD so I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is “Free”

HOWEVER, even for $30 YOU ARE saving 10-20% compared to buying the product from sites such as Amazon or somewhere else.

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Compared with more expensive anti-theft backpacks, it is a little rough around the edges, but I think this is perfect for many high school and college students.

It’s specifically designed for the modern-day student, with its laptop compartment, phone charger, and other pockets, it’s well organized and tidy.

For metropolitan people who work in the office, it can also be a good backpack for keeping your laptop and documents secure.

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