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  • Stylish Black Military-Standard Tactical Backpack
  • Made Of Ultra-Durable Hooks, Straps, Handle… There’s Really No Tearing This Bag Up!
  • Perfect For Travel, Outdoor, Indoor, Sports, Gym, Every Day, Range, Heavy-Duty Usage

DIY Hub Military-Standard Tactical Backpack Review

This DIY Hub backpack is very similar in design to the free Evatac Backpack and Mammoth Backpack, but the material is a little different.

The glossy surface makes it look a bit cheap without much texture, but functionality wise it is water-resistant, and the bag is a decent backpack with some cool features.

  • It has a MOLLE system which can be useful for organizing your camping gear.
  • If you want the backpack to hug you, you can use the straps.
  • Compared with some other backpacks it does not sink or lose shape. It is taut and firm.
  • It is a little bigger than other types of “free backpacks

It is not however 35 liters backpack like it says. It’s more than around 20 liters. It’s still big enough for most everyday use such as camping, hunting, school, gym, etc.

Shipping is ~$20 according to DIY Hub’s promotion. If you are looking for a budget backpack, then try it out. I however would increase my budget and get a backpack around the $50 range because the stitching and design are usually better around $50s.


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