minnie mouse sleeping bag

Minnie Mouse is often found as a toddler’s favorite hero, and she deserves to sleep in a soft and cuddly sleeping bag that comes from the Disney collection. This Sleeping Bag was specially designed for this beloved character. It is a very soft and plush sleeping bag that provides the comfort that Minnie Mouse needs to have for her slumber party. The bag can be zipped closed and kept closed until the child decides it is time to take it off, just like a coat or a sweater.

Slumber Mat: Slumber Mat dimensions: 48″ L x 23″W x 4″H Great for infants and toddlers who love to play in the slumber bed. Can be machine washed at home. Comes with pillow top, attached hood, Velcro closure and removable slipcover. The pillow top can be removed to reveal a fun stuffed animal that makes a perfect pillow for snuggling up with.

Minnie Mouse Headband: Provides a decorative accent to your child’s sleeping bag. Attractive color coordinated headbands can be found online and in local retailers for a reasonable price. Use the same headband when you are washing the sleeping bag. The elasticized headband can easily be pulled back and washed in the washing machine.

Velcro closure: A popular design on a lot of children’s sleeping bags today is the zipper closure. The zipper keeps everything inside your Minnie Mouse sleeping bag secure and protected. It is usually located on the outside of the bag. The zipper is easy to open and close, but sometimes it can be difficult to pull closed.

Comes with a blanket. The Minnie Mouse Sleeping Bag has been designed with an additional insulated sleeping bag liner. This keeps the cold air out during those frigid winter nights. This lining can easily be zipped and attached to the outside of the bag leaving no holes for cold air to escape. Keeping your baby warm and cozy is very important to many parents, so this is definitely a must-have if you own a sleeping bag.

Mattress pillow: There is another benefit of a sleeping bag besides keeping your child warm and toasty. A good quality sleeping bag pillow can make your child sleep soundly and comfortably. This particular pillow fits right into the Zipper closure on the outside of the bag making a secure fit and giving your child a great night’s sleep.

Adjustable shoulder strap: This is definitely something to consider when purchasing a Minnie Mouse sleeping bag. Sizing can be a little tricky on some bags, especially those of the Classic line. When the bag becomes loose, sometimes the shoulder straps can become loose and cause your child discomfort. To avoid this, always make sure the straps are securely adjusted.

Accessories: Other accessories include removable hoods that are available in pink or black. These hoods are a nice addition to any nighttime sleeping bag. Also, there are extra fabric pieces that can be stuffed inside the sleeping bag to make it more comfortable for your child. Additional accessories such as this make the Minnie Mouse sleeping bag one of the best on the market. With all these great features, you will know that you’re buying the best bag for your money.

Sleeping Bag Mattress Cover: Another great accessory for your Minnie Mouse sleeping bag includes a great looking sleeping bag mattress cover. This sheet protects the bag from spills that might occur while your child is asleep. The sleeping bag mattress cover can come in many different materials, such as Egyptian cotton, and microfiber polyester. This sheet also helps keep your little girl warm during those cold winter nights.

Velcro straps and bands: Another really helpful accessory for a Minnie Mouse sleeping bag is a set of Velcro straps and bands. These bands help secure the bag to your sleeping bag sheets so that they don’t fall off. You can also use these bands to secure a hat or a boot to their matching bag.

Accessories aren’t just needed for safety. Sometimes they are fun. For example, did you know that there are accessories for your Minnie Mouse sleeping bag that you can make yourself? Here are a few suggestions: