usa stiletto

Product Details

  • Durable & Lightweight 

  • Designed for the AR-15/M4 platform 

  • Precision ½ MOA elevation & windage 

  • 45° offset maintains standard bore height as M4 sights!

  • Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized finish

  • Torture Tested & Proven By Military, SWAT & Competition Shooters

My Crisis Gear AR-15 Sight Review

The R.A.O.S. was designed by the American Defense Group to be the ultimate backup sighting option for military, SWAT, and competition use…

With its unique 45-degree offset, the RAOS allows shooters to quickly transition between a magnified optic to iron sights for close range shooting without breaking your cheek weld or repositioning your hands!

Manufactured to rigorous military standards, each RAOS is quality checked at the ADG facility.