marmot lithium sleeping bag

Marmot lithium sleeping bag is one of the best sleeping bags you can get. Designed to be a top carry all bag that will keep you warm in even the coldest nights, it’s a great choice for camping trips as well as day hiking excursions. Suitable for backpackers and mountaineers alike, its high 800 Fill Power-Down sleeping bag and waterproof membrane stay warm and dry even after an amazing day on the trail. Let your tired feet rest comfortably at the side-sleeping foot box after an exhausting day on the trail. With Marmot’s patented Dura-Tred design, you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep without a restless night.

Marmot’s lightweight, closed cell micro-fiber insulation provides superb insulation. Even at fifteen ounces, the weight is very reasonable for its great performance and durability. Dura-Tred technology provides optimum warmth-provider and thermal insulation, while the closed cell structure keeps outside moisture and air from getting to the bag’s micro-fiber lining. The result is maximum warmth and maximum comfort with minimal wake-up time. Marmot’s revolutionary nylon blend allows the durable nylon fabric to breathe to provide excellent ventilation and keep you cool on hot summer days or chilly nights.

With an innovative dual-use technology, the Marmot lithium sleeping bag can be used as a backpack as well as a traditional sleeping bag. You won’t get tired because it’s so versatile. The advanced design allows you to roll it up or lay it flat, according to your preference, keeping you warm even when you aren’t using it as a backpack. If you’re planning an adventure that takes place in less than ideal weather, the Marmot’s versatile, semi-permanent temperature control allows you to stay cool no matter what the occasion.

The ultra-lightweight, yet fully lined, Marmot lithium sleeping bag is also great for use in severe weather. Its water-resistant, breathable nylon exterior keeps you dry and protected from rain, while its high-loft fill provides superior support for your body. It also has an advanced compression system that reduces internal air moisture, which helps the bag retain cool air for complete comfort. Also, its durable polyester lining holds in moisture, providing superior protection against odors and making cleanups easier. Lastly, the spacious, fully zippered interior allows you to pack a lot more gear for longer trips.

Another reason the Marmot lithium sleeping bag receives rave reviews is its extraordinary comfort. In fact, most users report having to put the bag on their feet to sleep! That’s because the zipper is quite spacious and allows for exceptional airflow. Because of this, there’s very little that can go wrong, meaning you’re almost guaranteed a good night’s sleep every time. The footbed construction increases heat management, which in turn keeps your temperature optimal long into the evening. Also, because the zippers are so sturdy, water won’t enter the seams.

Finally, the best feature of all about the Marmot lithium sleeping bag is the excellent quality of craftsmanship that goes into making each one of these bags. Each zipper is precision cut from the finest polyester material, and the stitching is such that it creates a completely leak-proof seam. Because the construction increases warmth, the air mattress is fully lined, ensuring that your body is properly protected. And because the zippers are so sturdy, water won’t get into the seams. This means that every time you slip beneath your cocoon, you can expect the best nights’ sleep of your entire life.