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Product Details

  • HD Magnification
  • High Contrast and Resolution Images
  • Waterproof & Fog Proof
  • Monocular Widely Compatible With Smartphone

Kodkvision Monocular Telescope Review 

The next-gen Kodkvision has improved upon the previous model in so many ways. They listened to consumer feedback and delivered an even more effective product. This is the telescope you’ve been waiting for!

The larger the objective lens, the higher the resolution, the more saturated the hue, and the greater the degree of reduction. Clear image without black bars, it makes Super Clear and Sharp Images.

Compact and sturdy body make it withstand the heavy weather, the mirror is full of the high-purity nitrogen, waterproof and antifogging. You can use it in raining day and humid environment, and no need to worry about this item.

This scope is great for seeing things far a way and is worth investing in.