Get a hands-free harness

Hands Free Dog Leash for Running Walking Jogging Training Hiking, Retractable Bungee Dog Running Waist Leash for Medium to Large Dogs, Adjustable Waist Belt with Pack, Reflective Stitches, Dual Handle
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL, EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP】 LANNEY running dog leash is made of anti-tear nylon that can withstand pulling from energetic dogs, medium and large breeds. The cross-stitching lines are wear-resistant to ensure the hands free leash will last for years. Heavy duty metal clasps with 360° rotation increase durability and makes the dog waist leash tangle free. Durable belt buckle locks tightly and securely. Reflective stripes throughout the walking leash ensure visibility and safety.
  • 【SHOCK ABSORBING BUNGEE LEASH】LANNEY hands free dog leash can absorb shock and pull force from dogs up to 150lb. With the handsfree leash being pulled, elastic bungee tension goes higher. It is “stop pulling” warning, thus your dog will be gradually trained. The dog running leash will reduce stress and muscle strain on you and dog. Your waist won’t get injured. Our waist dog leash is 51” and extends up to 76” that is long enough to provide adequate room, but short enough not to get in your way.
  • 【DUAL PADDED HANDLES FOR BETTER CONTROL】The dog walking leash has 2 handles with soft neoprene padding for easy and comfortable grip. No more hand rashes. Quickly grip the handle by your waist to guide dog back on track. The hands-free dog leash allows you to control your dog without breaking stride. When crossing the street or walking in the crowd, you can hold the handle near collar to achieve direct traffic control, to keep your pet dog nearby you, walking slowly owly or stopping immediately.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT WITH 2 RINGS】The waist dog leash for running suits both men and women. 1.1” wide waistband fits a large range of waist sizes. The movable O ring allows dog running freely around you without stepping on your heels. The D ring allows you to attach extra leash or accessories. You can control the dog with body weight instead of having your hands strained. With hands free dog leash on waist, you can swing arms, answer phone call, hold umbrella,ella, or even look after you baby!
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL BAG, SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 The dog running leash comes with waist pack with 2 pockets compartments that can store a supply of poop bags, dog treats, phone, keys, etc. LANNEY hands free dog leash is perfect for walking, running, jogging or hiking with dog, even training dog! Moreover, we stand behind our premium waist dog leash and guarantee your complete satisfaction. If anything is short of your expectation, let us know and we will send new replacement or fnt or full refund.

This is the safest way to ensure that your dog does not get lost nor you losing sight of them. Compared with a traditional harness or leash, a hands-free leash allows you to jog, exercise while also walking your dog.

It’s like you are killing two birds with one stone. Not only are you getting some exercise, but you’re also making your dog very happy.

Hands-free leashes attach to your hip, and you can get the ones with lengths that are your liking.

A flashlight for walking dogs

If you prefer walking your dog early in the morning or during the evening in the dark, then consider getting a flashlight for walking dogs at night.

A flashlight will help you see where you are going and potentially avoid injiry and dangerous situations. If you will be jogging or running with your dog, then a flashlight is definitely something you should.

They don’t necessarily have to be tactical or ultra-expensive, as long as it allows you to see a few yards in front of you, it should be good enough.

Train them to not runoff

Dogs are usually very excited to go out, and because of their excitement, they might run off and get lost. If it’s your first time taking your dog out for a walk, then you need to have a leash and train it to at least get familiar with the surroundings.

There are also many tips and tricks that can help your dog behave. Read here for more:

Plan your route

Walking around nature parks or like hiking? Then you need to know the route you will be taking and how long it is. It does not hurt to let your friends know about where you are going in case you happen to get lost.

Anyways, planning your route and knowing the layout of the path will help you prepare for what to expect and stay safe. Many people get lost camping, hiking, trekking, etc because they did not have the proper tools, poor planning, and carelessness.

Having a GPS, flashlight, basic necessities for the outdoors does not hurt.

Make it a routine

The more you make it a habit, the easier it will be for you and your dog. Your dog and you yourself know what to expect and plus it’s good for your and your dogs’ health to have a routine of going for walks and exercise.

You don’t necessarily have to go only with 1 route, but you many other routes that over time you become used to. Switch it up from time to time to not get bored.