Free FightFast TRS Knives

Fighfast TRS brand does not have any recurring subscription fees for free orders, but it’s always a good idea to double check during the checkout process. We do not resell any products, or handle shipping or orders.

Are TRS knives suitable for outdoor,survival, hiking, and hunting activities?

Absolutely, they are great pieces of collection for such cases.

Can TRS knives be used for self-defense?

The stiletto and striker knives are a good choice for edc carry and self defense situations.

Are TRS knives resistant to rust and corrosion?

While they can’t compete with more expensive knives, yes they are resistant and made from reliable materials.

Are TRS knives suitable for culinary purposes?

Not really. If you must, you can make do, but a kitchen knife is recommended.

How do TRS knives compare to other popular knife brands?

Compared to other brands, TRS is quite reliable and trustworthy brand.