DIY Hub Tactical Standard Backpack

If you are looking for an everyday-use backpack on a budget, then this DIY backpack could be perfect for you.

For a free backpack, 35 L storage space is very decent and the overall design and quality are not that bad!

This backpack is great for everyday use for school, hiking, trekking, camping, carry-on, traveling, hunting, fishing, and most other occasions.

  • Stylish Black Military-Standard Tactical Backpack
  • Made Of Ultra-Durable Hooks, Straps, Handle… There’s Really No Tearing This Bag Up!
  • Perfect For Travel, Outdoor, Indoor, Sports, Gym, Every Day, Range, Heavy-Duty Usage

DIY Hub Military-Standard Tactical Duffel Bag


There are 2 large pockets on the side, one main pocket in the front, and lastly the main compartment storage piece.

This is a great duffle bag if you want something compact that is suited for gym, hunting, fishing, or shooting range.

DIY Hub Military-Standard Tactical Shoulder Sling Bag

This shoulder sling bag is perfect for travelers who want to stay organized during their outdoor excursion trips.

Compared with traditional backpacks, you have the ease of being able to reach your belongings without taking them off. It can be a great bag for cameras, passports, documents, or any gear that’s used for hiking, trekking, fishing, or hunting.

Though it says it’s a 20 L sling bag, it’s a little smaller than that in reality. The size is similar to a college textbook.

DIY Hub Military Standard Tactical Belt Bag

Compared with the previous 2 bags from DIY Hub, this one is multi-functional. You can use it as a belt bag, backpack, or sling shoulder bag. So if you are looking for a bag that has more functionality, then this could be the better choice.

  • Stylish Black Tactical Belt Bag
  • (Can Be Used As Sling, Front Or Back Waist Pouch Too!)
  • Made Of Ultra-Durable Hooks, Straps, Handle…
  • Perfect For Travel, Outdoor, Indoor, Sports, Range, and Heavy-Duty Usage

EDC Urban Shoulder Sling Bag

This is not necessarily a tactical sling back per se, but if you are looking for something that is more fitting for everyday carry such as in an urban city, then the DIY Hub EDC Shoulder Sling Bag might be something that you might be interested in.