What is a Neck Knife and Why you should own one?

In the simplest terms, a neck knife is a knife worn on a cord hanging from a person’s neck. It usually means a small fixed-blade knife which is carried by means of a cord, by which the knife sheath is suspended from around one’s neck. Neck knives are usually single-edged, with blade lengths typically under four inches, and frequently less than three inches.

There are several benefits of keeping a neck knife. I would say it is one of the best self-defense tools. Firstly, neck knives are not only short in length, but the blade is also very slim. Therefore, small size is one of the reasons to choose a neck knife. They can be invisible and almost weightless.

Secondly, neck knives are effortless to access. For self-defense purposes, your knife will be there with you when you need it, so you won’t waste time looking for something to save you. Another reason to choose a neck knife is that they are as sharp and effective as other big knives, if not better. I also thought that bigger knives are better at first, but smaller and lighter weapons are easier to conceal, so you’re more likely to have them nearby and ready to use.

How to get a Free USMC Neck Knife

There are several factors to consider when buying your own neck knife. For example, you should choose a knife with a handle that is long and wide enough to offer a firm grip. Plus, since the knife is small, it must have a razor-sharp blade. But neck knives that satisfy all the needs tend to be quite expensive which is why I’m suggesting an amazing opportunity to grab your high-quality knife for absolutely no price.

This USMC Neck Knife from AmericanGunner is a stylish and discreet defense tool perfect for everyday carry. It’s lightweight and 4″ in length, which means it can be used as a discreet EDC neck chain knife. It’s small, easy to carry, and razor-sharp.  That’s what makes this knife the best EDC.

Special Features

  • Razor Sharp Blade
  • Partial Blade Serration
  • Discreet 4″ In Length
  • Quick Access Neck Chain
  • Blade Cover Included
  • Perfect EDC Knife
  • Stainless And Rust Proof
  • Fast shipping from Denver, USA!
  • $39.95 Value – Yours For FREE Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does shipping take?

Due to extremely high demand, there may be a dispatch delay of up to 2 business days. Depending on local shipping times this means you can expect to receive your order approximately 5 business days after placing your order.

  • Is American Gunner secure to order from?

American Gunner is proudly American-owned. They offer 256bit encryption with SSL on their order form, that’s the same level of encryption that the US Military uses. So you know that your details are kept safe and private.

  • Why do I have to pay for shipping?

They kindly ask our customers to cover the shipping fees because they are not a Government funded operation and they simply cannot afford to cover the cost of the product and the shipping fees. They charge you just enough for quicker shipper times!

  • How can I contact American Gunner?

They can be contacted via phone on 208-501-2971 (10 am-7 pm EST), you can also reach them via email at contact@americangunner.com, you can also contact them directly via live chat located at the bottom left of the product page!

Final Verdict, Is It Worth It?

If you have been looking for an effective, and high-quality self-defense tool, this USMC Neck Knife can be one of the best options. Plus, it is free! It offers all the features that you should look for in the best neck knife, including a razor blade, handle with a firm grip, blade cover, beautiful design, and so on.

It might seem sketchy at first, but the reason AmericanGunner is doing several giveaways is to raise awareness about their brand while giving you an opportunity to test their products. Plus, they are supported by the customers as you can see from the reviews.

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