trs enforcer

Product Details

  • Extra sharp edge
  • Stainless steel
  • Stylish all black
  • Textured handle for a better grip
  • Spring-assisted open
  • Folded 5 inch length
  • Pocket clip
  • 3.9 inch blade length

TRS Enforcer Stiletto Review

If you are looking for sleek and cover designed stiletto, then give this TRS Enforcer Stiletto knife a try. It’s spring assisted mechanism makes it look like a switchblade knife, but no it is not, making it perfectly legal in the U.S

Compared to other folding knives, it’s slim and portable, not as bulky at only 5 inches when folded. It’s slim and skinny, which makes it easier to handdle and carry around. The spring mechanism allows for quick and fast opening of the stiletto as well.

However, what I love about this stiletto is the practical all black design. Not only does it look stealthy and sexy, but the handle is textured to give a better grip.

And the knife itself is made out of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to water and other elements. Compared to some of the other stilettos I’ve written about, this is actually my favorite.