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If you are thinking of starting a garden, then Tactical & Survival is offering a free copy of their book “Survival Gardening”.

Learn to grow home-grown food in your backyard in a few square feet of space.

Product Description

  • Complete, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for planning and growing your 3 foot self-sufficient survival garden so you never have to rely on an outside food sourceList Item
  • My Top recommendations for ‘survival crops’ you must have in your garden based on: Easiest crops to grow, Most calorie-dense crops to grow, Most nutrient-dense crops to grow
  • The essential tools and materials needed to plan and layout the survival garden
  • The “three musts” of successful survival gardening planting, watering and nutrition.
  • The best techniques to consistently plant, grow and store your survival food seasonally and how to identify and handle plant pests and crop damage to keep your garden healthy and producing
    …PLUS… much more…