50% OFF: Steel River Solar Charger Offer

Get a 50% Discount Offer

On their actual website, the Steel River Solar Charger is listed for $59.95, but I found a special offer that allows you to get it for $35. Maybe it’s a marketing trick, but saving half your money is not too bad.

Power Bank | Steel River Co.

Why The Price Difference?

I think it’s more of a marketing tactic that Steel River uses. By retailing it for $59.95 on their website and then giving the appearance of a 50% discount, people might feel better about their purchase having saved $25.

The discount offer allows 5 payments of $7 = $35, just so you know.

Steel River Solar Charger Review

I think Steel River rebranded from a different company name a few years, but if you want a quick video review, check out the video.

In quick summary, I think it’s an alright deal, but it’s not necessarily one of the best solar-charged power banks out there. If you are more concerned about solar-powered charging I think it’s better to get a different product.

Try this solar charger: My Tactical Solar Charger

When tested, the battery capacity for the solar charger is more or less 5000 mAh and delivers ~5 volts, which is around the same as a power outlet charger, so you should be able to charge your phone within 1-2 hours depending on your phone battery.

It is almost enough to charge the latest iPhones and Samsung 2 times over. However, the newest phone models have bigger battery capacity, so it will only chargest the latest 2021 models only once.

Is The Solar Charger Waterproof?

While the advertising says “waterproof”, it’s not 100% waterproof. However, You could say it is water resistant. It won’t get damaged if you drop it or submerge it in water for a few seconds.

It will get damaged if you let it submerge in a body of water for a prolonged period.

Rain or a splash of water won’t do it any harm, but all I am saying is don’t dip it in water for a prolonged period.

Is The Steel River Charger Shock Proof?

Yes, it should be fine and sturdy enough to handle any shock if you drop it. It’s not that heavy and has a rubber layer that absorbs any shock. However, I wouldn’t purposefully be throwing it around or dropping it.

Final Question: How Good Is The Solar Charger?

To put it simply, the solar charging capability is very poor. Even after a few hours out in the sun, it does not get a full charge. The advertising about being able to charge on cloudy days doesn’t hold true.

I wouldn’t rely on the solar charging capability, to be honest. In case of emergency, it could come in handy if you need some juice to power up your phone, but I wouldn’t count on charging the phone 100% with the solar charger.

I however would recommend you to get THIS SOLAR CHARGER if you need a power bank that is better at charging via the sun.