Free Silver Brass Knuckles Offer + Review


Free Offer Details

  • Beautiful Silver Finish
  • Belt-Buckle Pin Included (removable)
  • 6oz of Power in Your Hand
  • Small, Discrete, and can easily fit on a belt or in pocket
  • Easy to Slip-On and Grip
  • Perfect Tactical EDC
  • Check Local Laws and Ordinances**

Silver Brass Knuckles Review

One of the most convenient and easily accessible self-defense tools is brass knuckles. It is quite difficult to find brass knuckles around some areas as it’s not legal in all 50 states. So don’t forget to check your local laws and ordinances before ordering it for free.

These brass knuckles feature a comfortable grip and usage. You can carry it around holding it in your hands or pin it to your belt (belt-buckle pin is included).

Brass Knuckles are also widely used as fashion statements or accessories. Just in case such an occasion comes up, this brass knuckle’s polished silver finish is definitely an advantage.

Compared to expensive brass knuckles made with genuine brass, this one looks a little lightweight. But there’s no doubt that your punch will be several times stronger and effective. Lastly, make sure to practice a bit before using.