Raptor Claw/Karambit knife is famous for its versatility, quality, usage, and design. It is one of the most unique knives you can own. They feature a particular type of curved shape and often a double-edged blade that makes them stand out. Not only it looks absolutely good in terms of design, but it can also come in handy in various different situations. 

You will find three of the best raptor claw knives from our recommendations. We have highlighted the special features as well as the pros and cons of each knife to help you find your best raptor claw knife. The best thing is that they are amazingly affordable given the high-quality and incredible functionalities.

1. Steel River Karambit Knife

Special Features:

  • Steel River Original
  •  3.5″ Curved Tiger Claw Blade
  •  8.25″ total length
  •  Aluminum Textured Handle
  •  Titanium Oxide Coated Blade
  •  Integrated Belt Clip
  •  Retention Ring To Improve Grip
  •  Improved Glass Breaker

Offering a razor-sharp blade, and versatile features like a glass breaker, it’s a great knife to use in any type of situation. The size and weight are perfect to carry around as well. The cool design of this Steel River Karambit Knife is definitely another important factor to consider as well!

Why Choose It?

  • Its ability to cut through the hardest and toughest things without much effort and strain is praised a lot by the customers. Therefore, if you love to go hunting, you can use your karambit knife to cut the skin, meat, and everything else.
  • There is a safety ring in this Karambit knife that prevents the knife from slipping in case it gets wet, muddy, or bloody. The retention ring and the aluminum textured handle ensure improved grip and safety.

Final Verdict, Is it Worth It?

From my point of view, you could really call it a multi-functional tactical knife. It can work as an EDC, survival, camping, and self-defense knife. You could really rely on this karambit when it comes to self-defense because there is a glass breaker and a belt-cutting razor-sharp blade.

Moreover, the size and weight are perfect to carry as an EDC knife. Since it features a folding blade type, you can easily release the blade when needed and carry it without any issues. The integrated belt clip and retention ring also make the process easier.

Overall, this karambit knife can satisfy your needs in terms of its design, shape, overall quality, and functionalities. You can get the knife at discounted price for a limited time. For such an affordable price, I believe you should grab this opportunity while it’s available 🙂

2. Eclipse Karambit Knife

Special Features:

  • EDC Cool Pocket Knife: 440 Stainless Tactical Sharp Raptor Claw Knife, Holes on the blade
  • 2.75-inch blade length; 5.25-inch closed length; 8-inch total length
  • The spring-assist folding knife offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place with liner lock
  • Weigh only 5.5 OZ
  • Perfect for camping, fishing, outdoor adventure, and self-defense

It is a great knife for EDC use, camping, hiking, or even for self-defense purposes. You can use it as a spearhead, make tent pegs, split kindling, cut small branches during outdoor adventures. Since it is lightweight and only 5.25 inches when folded, you can effortlessly carry it around.

Why Choose It?

  • This Eclipse Karambit Knife is small, lightweight, easy to conceal, which makes it the perfect tactical knife for self-defense purposes. Plus, with this knife, you will make such big damage with almost none no minimum amount of effort. Because it is more efficient than knives with straight blades, a lot of people prefer to keep a knife with a curved blade like this karambit.
  • It is loved by purchasers for its cool design (shape), quality, as well as easy usage. You can deploy the knife with one hand in seconds, and you can securely lock it into its place with the liner lock. In addition, the retention ring ensures safe and easy carry/use.

Final Verdict, Is it Worth It?

This Eclipse Karambit Knife differs from our first recommendation with its size, weight, as well as the overall design. Since the overall knife including its blade and handle is a little shorter, it might not be suitable for taking on difficult tough tasks.

Despite that, it’s a great knife to bring with you on a daily basis. Since you are given an amazing opportunity to try this knife out for completely FREE, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

3. Exclusive Black Karambit Knife

Special Features:

  • Knife Weight: 3.83Oz, lightweight easy to carry
  • Stainless Steel Blade: Rustproof, wearable, and sharp
  • Knife total length: 7.4″ 19cm Blade Length: 3.3″(8,5cm)
  • The ergonomically designed handle: feels great to hold in your hand and comfortable to use
  • Multifunction: Perfectly suitable for outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, camping, etc

One of the most important features of any Karambit knife is its multi-functionality. This black Karambit knife is versatile enough to be used in any situation. The curved blade allows for easier cutting of difficult materials, better access to targets, and the ability to use unorthodox angles and approaches.

Why Choose It?

  • The forged full-tang design increases the force and leverage. It makes the knife even more durable. Lastly, the unique finger grip handle allows for greater control of your weapon. It could also work as a self-defense tool as it features a glass-breaker.
  • The protective sheath is incredibly safe and convenient as well. However, since it is not leather or polyester, it could break if dropped or fractured. Despite that, you could easily see that it’s one of the deadliest weapons with a razor-sharp blade which makes it perfect for camping.

Final Verdict, Is it Worth It?

As you can see, this Exclusive Black Karambit Knife was created with incredible user-friendly features to satisfy your needs. The ergonomic handle design which includes a unique finger grip handle ensures full control and use of your weapon.

Most importantly, the stainless steel material in this raptor claw knife makes sure you can use the knife in any weather conditions. In other words, it’s not highly corrosion resistant but also fire-resistant and heat-resistant, making the knife durable in general. Considering the incredible quality and functionalities, I see no reason not to try out this Karambit Knife for completely FREE.