If you want a foolproof fire starter kit, then you need to get this Free Optic Fire Starter.

You get a free eBook on how to start a fire from scratch without the need for technology and lighters.


Product Details

  • Burns Incredibly Hot – ignites tinder almost instantly.
  • Can easily start a fire in under 60 seconds.
  • Compact, credit card sizefits easily in your wallet.
  • Never run out of fuel during the day!
  • Doubles as a magnifying glass to read small print.
  • BONUS Get new Catching Fire: Fire Starter Secrets Report, FREE! This report will show you 21 fail-safe ways to start a fire.

How Does It Work?

It’s very simple and easy to use. The optic fire starter is like a magnifying glass specifically made for starting a fire.

Prepare a bundle of kindle for tinder and place the optic fire starter directly against the sun and focus the beam of light on the tinder. Within a few seconds you should start to see smoke. Blow on it, viola, you should have a fire going.

Make sure the bundle of tinder is dry and is of material that combusts easily.