Get These 7 Hiking Equipment & Tools for FREE!

Hiking Bag


When going for a hike, you need a backpack that has compartments for all your equipment and stay organized. This Evatac hiking bag is portable, light, and easy to use. You don’t necessarily have to only use it for hiking since this can also serve as a backpack for school, the gym, and other occasions.

Survival Knives

A survival hiking / camping knife is essential. You might need to cut a rope, start a fire, cut a tape, or worst case scenario, you might need something to defend yourself from wildlife.


This superknife can do many things! It’s made of stainless steel so it’s durable and sturdy. You have tools to open a bottle, screw something, act as a hiking lever, and cut something. It can easily fit in your pocket and might just come in handy when you need it.


While this evatac rescue knife doesn’t have as many tools as the superknife, it also might come in handy when you need a tougher blade to cut through trees, branches or if you need to start a fire the old fashioned way.

It’s no larger than a normal sized hand, and can fold into the handle so that it’s very easy to fit in your pocket.

EDC & Simple Hiking Flashlight


You don’t necessarily need to waste a lot of money on a flashlight even if you are going camping and hiking. Unless your are serious hiker and will be taking dangerous routes or unchartered territory, a simple EDC flashlight between 300 lumens or so will do.

The evatac q5 flashlight is portable and small enough to fit in a pocket with a long battery life with water resistant and durable frame that will last you long time. It will be able to light 30-40 or so yards in front of you, so it’s pretty good. Besides hiking use, you can use it as an EDC flashlight for power outages, dark alleys, etc.

15 Piece Survival Kit


If you want the ultimate hiking and camping gear then try this 15 in 1 tool kit. You have survival essentials such as a small knife, flint to start a fire, a rope, fishing hooks, and many more for whatever situation you might find yourself in.

Survival Strike Pen


It’s not just a pen, but a toolbox with many surprises. You have a bottle opener, a small lade, screwdriver, wrench, and even an LED flashlight! This might come handy not only out in the wild, but also during your normal everyday when something unexpected happens.

Evalast Waterproof Lighter


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to start a fire the old fashioned way and waste a lot of time, then it’s better to just get one of these. The Evalast Fire clip lights at higher temperatures and works pretty well in wet and moist environments.

The case is sealed with stainless steel and refueling it is very simple and easy as pouring a water into a cup.