FREE Tactical & EDC Flashlights List!

Are you looking for a durable and water resistant flashlight that can light up to 30-50 yards? Just pay for shipping and handling and receive these flashlights in just a few days!

Evatac Q5 Taclite

The evatac is not only waterproof and durable, but it’s very compact. You can use it for hiking, trekking, and for every day use. It’s 300 lumens, so it’s good for most occasions.

  • ​Precision Milled Alloy Body
  • ​New Tech Q5 CREE LED Emitter
  • ​Modern Tactical Design
  • ​Scientifically Tested Grip Pattern
  • ​Bevelled Edge Striker 
  • ​Adjustable Zoom Up To 1100ft!
  • ​Powered By A Single AA Battery
  • ​Stainless And Rust Proof

HyBeam Flashlight

The Hybeam is very similar to Q5 Taclite, but the design is on the slimmer and longer side. It’s 300 lumens as well so you can use it for most of every day use as well.

  • Authentic YAG™ bulb that produces a blindingly bright light
  • Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Features a 3 stage switch with High, Low, and Strobe
  • Beveled edge so that it can double as a defense tool
  • Ultra light and ultra tough
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Torch Brand Flashlight

If you want more power and higher lumens, then this might be a better choice. It has 1000 lumens and can light up farther distances. This would be my best recommendation when it comes to free flashlights.

  • Lasts up to 100 hours
  • 1000 lumens – can light up to 1/2 mile
  • 5 preset modes – low, medium, high, strobe, SOS
  • Zoom focus – 1X to 2000X
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Compact – Fits in pocket
  • 3 AAA 18650 Batteries
  • Lifetime guarantee

High Grade Premium Flashlights

However, if you are looking for higher lumens and quality, try these military grade flashlights that can be used for camping, trekking and self-defense. You have to pay for these though…

TC1200 Flashlight

  • American Made – Most Powerful Single LED in Market – 1200 Lumen output
  • Waterproof to IP65 Standard
  • Digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness
  • Over heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface
  • Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design for griping
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Tactical tail switch with remote momentary-on and constant on function
  • 1x-2000x Telescoping Focus

Evatac Pro-XML

  • ​Super Bright 1200 lumens XML2 LED Emitter!
  • ​Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body
  • Powered By 2 x 18650 Lithium Batteries
  • ​5 Functions (Full, Half, Low, SOS & Strobe) 
  • ​Adjustable Light Zoom (Zoom Up To 1300ft!) 
  • ​Stainless & Rustproof
  • ​IP65 Waterproof (Can Be Submerged!) 
  • ​Wide Fin Heat Disbursement 

ProCharge Survival Flashlight

  • ​Integrated Solar Panel To Recharge From The Sun!
  • ​Built In Emergency Glass Breaker And Belt Cutter!
  • ​Flashlight With High, Low And Strobe Functions
  • ​Fast Charge Your Devices Directly From The Procharge!
  • ​Perfect Camping Survival Tool And Car Emergency Device!
  • ​Quality Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body Construction!
  • ​Includes Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Battery!

You will need need batteries for most of these flashlight to work, so why not be environmentally friendly and save money at the same time? Try this rechargeable USB AA batteries!

  • Standard AA Size!
  • ​Environmentally Friendly!
  • Recharge From Any USB Port!
  • ​Long 500+ Charge Life!
  • ​​Easy Pop Top Design!
  • ​Huge 1450 mAh Capacity!
  • ​No Messy Cables!
  • ​​No Separate Charger Needed!
  • ​​Undeniable Value!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lumens matter?

Yes, lumens matter, but it depends on what you need and what you will be doing with the flashlight. For simple flashlights for every day carry use, up to 500 lumens is perfectly fine. You will be able to light up dark alleys and what’s in front of you up to 70 or so yards.

300-500 lumens is perfectly fine for evening walks, jogging, household use, etc.

If you are going hunting, fishing or need to see distances more than 100 yards, then 800+ lumens are recommended. You will be able to see 1/2 mile to even farther distances depending on the lumens.

What kind of bulb is best?

I suggest you to get flashlights with LED CREE bulb. It’s the latest flashlight technology that does not heat up the flashlight as much and energy-efficient. The suggested flashlights above are all LED CREE.

What batteries are needed?

Smaller flashlights usually need smaller AAA size batteries, but bigger flashlights that need more power or if you are looking for flashlights that can use rechargeable batteries then AA batteries are used. Make sure to look at the flashlight details to see what kind of batteries are use nonetheless.

Rechargeable flashlights

Rechargeable flashlights have the advantage of either being able to use USB for recharging or solar energy. It may be a little bulkier and bigger compared to flashlights that use batteries, but if you need a camping and outdoor flashlight, then they are the most suitable types of flashlight.