everyday backpack

Product Details

  • Fashionable Design That’s Not Too “Tactical” or “Ruggard”… Making It Perfect For Everyday Use!
  • Stylish, Sleek Black Colour Tone
    Premium Quality Hooks, Straps, Handle
  • USB Port That Allows You To Charge Your Phone Anywhere You Go! (Never Worry Again!)

Everyday Backpack Review

DIY Hub is running a promotion for this everyday backpack and offering this for “free”.

Shipping is $25, so it’s not actually “free” given the shipping price, so it’s one of those offers where shipping recoups the cost of the product.

However, despite the expensive shipping cost, it’s an alright backpack for anyone who is looking for a budget everyday backpack for school or office.

everyday bag

One thing that stands out is the shoulder padding and straps. Usually free bags neglegt the shoulder padding and the straps, but this one is not particularly bad.

The style is quite modern and elegant. The design and style fits quite well for office level white collar jobs.

While it’s advertised as 30 liters in volumen and size, in reality it’s around 20 liters. Surprisingly though it’s a good thing. Around 20 liters is perfect for everyday use such as school or office because it’s not too bulky nor big. Anything above 30 liters is rather better suited for outdoor activities where you will need the extra space.

It’s the perfect size for putting away your laptop, iPad, and it comes with a nifty phone charger attached to the backpack.

But I just wish there was side pockets and extra compartments, but if you are into minimalist design and style for a backpack, then it is an alright backpack for the shipping price.