Free 15 in 1 Survival Kit Offer + Review & FAQ

How To Get it For Free?

AmericanGunner is having a giveaway for this incredible 15-in-1 Survival Kit. This kit is not only portable and lightweight but prepares you for absolutely any kind of emergency. It is especially suitable for those who love to travel outdoors.

If you want to get in this offer, you can do so on their website!

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Why get a Free 15 in 1 Survival Kit

  • Portable & Lightweight
  • ​Prepares You For Any Emergency
  • ​All-In-One for the Extreme Adventurer
  • Same Kit as used in Special Forces Missions
  • Contains the Perfect Tools to Fish/Hunt/Survive
  • ​Carabiner design for ease of use and Storage

A survival kit is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared as an aid to survival in an emergency. Regardless if you travel outdoors often or stay at home most of the time, you must have at least one survival kit ready. Survival kits are more commonly used for campers, hikers, and adventures who go on several days of the trip. As an avid outdoorsman myself, I know the importance of a survival kit.

Most survival kits tend to include many items, resulting in a bigger size and heavier weight. But the last thing you want when traveling into the wilderness is the big and heavy burden. Therefore, it is crucial for a survival kit to be lightweight, small in size, and versatile enough to help your stay prepared for any situation. And that’s why I’m suggesting an incredible 15-in-one survival kit. Not only it is portable and lightweight it contains suitable tools for fishing, hunting, surviving, and so on.

The best part is, of course, it is FREE! So if you do not own a survival kit, it is the perfect opportunity to grab yours! But since there is a limited supply, you need to hurry!

What Tools are Included in This Kit?

The tools included in the kit are all essential daily or travel tools that you must have. But they are more crucial when it comes to a survival situation. First of all, there is an alcohol pad. If you or your travel buddies get hurt, an alcohol pad is a big help for cleaning the wound. Moreover, sinkers, hooks, swivels, fishing lines, and floats are essential tools for fishing. Paracord, carabiner, pins, scalpel, and needle are indeed necessary to bring without a doubt. When you want to cook or get warm, starting a fire is a big issue. But there is a tinder included to solve that issue. Tinder is an easily combustible material used to start a fire.

Get the 15-in-1 Survival Kit for Free

Is It Convenient to Carry and Keep?

Even though there are 15 different tools in the kit, it is surprisingly lightweight. Partly because the tools are small and lightweight. Perhaps the only downside would be that there are few of one type of tool, so you might run out if you are going on a long trip. But if you are going for a few days, then it is no problem.

Since they are lightweight and small, you will have no issues carrying or keeping them. It is smaller than a fist when they’re all folded. So you could even carry it in your pocket.

Get the 15-in-1 Survival Kit for Free

Final Verdict, Is It Worth It?

It happens to us a lot that when we come to our destination, there is always something that we forgot. There is no going back, so you have to find a way and adapt to the situation. But with this 15-in-1 Survival Kit, you can bring almost everything with you! There are suitable tools for almost every emergency situation you might encounter. So I confidently recommend this product.

Bringing a survival kit to your outdoor adventure is a wise decision. But it is better to keep survival kits in your car, and even at your home. We do not only need a survival kit when there is a danger upon us, survival kits are built to help us even during the smallest issues like not being able to open our can. Therefore, I would say this 15-in-1 survival kit is worth the try. Also, since it is completely free, why not just give it a try?

Get the 15-in-1 Survival Kit for Free

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does shipping take?

Due to extremely high demand, there may be a dispatch delay of up to 2 business days. Depending on local shipping times this means you can expect to receive your order approximately 5 business days after placing your order.

  • Is American Gunner secure to order from?

American Gunner is proudly American-owned. They offer 256-bit encryption with SSL on their order form, that’s the same level of encryption that the US Military uses. So you know that your details are kept safe and private.

  • Why do I have to pay for shipping?

They kindly ask our customers to cover the shipping fees because they are not a Government funded operation and they simply cannot afford to cover the cost of the product and the shipping fees. They charge you just enough for quicker shipper times!