By utilizing it as an extra layer to add additional warmth to your primary sleeping bag you will get the most usage out of it. It’s a very versatile sleeping gear piece of equipment and can in fact save you cash. A fleece sleeping bag is your one-man bag in cold weather or with a light sleeping bag for mild to moderate winter camping. It provides warmth and is very lightweight. In fact, it weights about 5 ounces for a medium-sized person.

Fleece is made of nylon, polyester or cotton and is considered a very soft fabric. Because of this it’s great for children’s pajamas and for keeping them warm on those long nights when you’re camping. If you know a youngster who always sleeps like a log, and you’ve tried everything you can think of to get her to stop doing that, try adding a fleece sleeping bag to her regimen. It’s a sure fire way to keep her warm without making her feel like a miser. She’ll still have that perfect night’s sleep and you don’t have to worry about the linens getting dirty and starting her up all night long.

You can use it for camping, too. And it’s perfect for packing for your trip too. It’s very lightweight and packable and will add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to what you’re already wearing. It can be removed quickly and easily from your camping gear bag, too. It’s just another added bonus to this very useful camping gear.

The lightweight fleece sleeping bag is lined with a highly breathable nylon fabric that allows air to flow through it and keep you cool and cozy. The nylon fabric is also fully polyester so there is no concern of feeling overheated. This is also why it is called a “cocoon microfiber mummy liner.” That’s because it traps heat so well that even if it is completely empty, it is warm enough to keep you warm for a good 20 minutes or so. The breathable lining won’t allow any moisture to build up either, so you’re not left with wet clothes to contend with after a good night’s sleep. And the microfiber lining will keep dirt and other marks from staining your bag, which means that you’ll have clean lines every time you put it on.

It is available in sizes from X-large to small, and as a ground cover or over a quilted background. The larger sizes are generally going to be more expensive, but it can also take up to a twenty pound weight capacity. Some people prefer the heavy-duty stuff because they can hike into a pretty significant distance for several days and still not need to carry a bag larger than a diaper bag around. However, the fact remains that a heavy-duty fleece sleeping bag is heavier than the lightweight, but you get what you pay for when it comes to these items.

Another thing to consider is the amount of material that goes into the bag itself. A heavy duty bag is going to cost more, but the material analysis reveals that it will last a great deal longer and be better for your back. The other benefit to buying one is the fact that it has an adjustable hip belt that helps distribute the weight more evenly. Many of these bags have a removable liner that can be washed, so this can actually be a more expensive option. A smaller and lighter bag may just be a more affordable option, depending on your activity level and where you plan to be sleeping.

One aspect of the insulation that most people tend to forget about is the lining in the bag. The lining actually works as a heat sink, which means that you will get more of your body heat from the fabric rather than from the cold air outside. Most people don’t think about this, but if you are camping or sleeping in a warm climate, the liner may be your best source of insulation.

Finally, you may want to consider whether to get a fleece or synthetic material. Both work well, but there are differences in how their structure and performance vary. A fleece lining is generally much more sensitive to temperature changes, so you should probably stick with one if at all possible. Synthetic materials are a bit less sensitive, but they are also more prone to lose heat faster and are less comfortable overall.