The Amazon jungles and the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains are home to many species of birds, but there is one bird that is unique in its natural habitat, and the Eraserhead Sleeping Bag is just one example of its kind. This tiny bag, which can be folded into a quarter, has become highly sought after amongst bird lovers, backpackers, and even among cat owners who travel with their pets. What is so unique about this sleeping bag that makes it so special? Let me count the ways…

eraserhead sleeping bag

One thing that makes the Eraserhead a unique product is that it is a unique student’s bag. The name is derived from the short “er” sound it produces, which is a clear reference to the short “er” sounds made by the short quills of the bird. Another unique aspect of the Eraserhead is that it is a kid’s sleeping bag. Its attractive colors and cute designs catch kids attention and help them make good use of the bag when they are in bed. Furthermore, the design helps keep the young minds of children from becoming bored while they are in bed: the bright colors and unique patterns of the bag make it suitable for kids to put their hands on when they want to play with their toys.

The Eraserhead sleeping bag is also a perfect gift for kids at any age. Young girls who love fairies will surely enjoy putting their favorite fairy in a princess-inspired bag. Moreover, a girl’s bag can be dressed up with puffy sleeves and a fluffy collar, which make it perfect for a girl’s bedroom. A girl who loves animals can put her favorite pet in a cute little animal bag with a matching throw over it and she is all set to go to sleep.

Aside from being a great sleeping bag for kids, the Eraserhead Quattro Tour Series also comes in a version that comes with a shoulder bag. The bag is lined with soft micro fleece and has a spacious interior. It has several compartments and zippered pockets, and the strap has been padded with a comfortable shoulder pad. The front pocket even has a pen holder, so the kids can take their pens and markers with them when they are out camping. Meanwhile, the other compartments are perfect for keeping smaller items like keys, cell phones, change of shirts, and other small necessities.

Finally, there’s another great thing about this sleeping bag: the Eraserhead sleeping bag stock is available in several different colors and patterns. The colors are vibrant and unique, and each bag looks absolutely gorgeous as its own individual piece. You can find them in black, red, pink, yellow, and many more. All the colors are free, and you can easily find a great looking bag stock by shopping at Amazon’s site.

As you can see, the Eraserhead family of bags is a top-notch choice for any parent who is planning to outfit their kids for a camping trip. Best of all, they don’t cost a fortune, so you can really spend some quality time with your kids as you go hiking, boating, or simply strolling through a park. These sleeping bag images stock photos are really great, because they let you see the bag in all its glory: you can see all the pockets, the strap, and the beautiful quilted bag construction.