usa stiletto

Product Details

    • Can attach to any gun with standard sling swivel or sling end plate

    • For AR-15/M16 

    • Perfect for left or right hand shooters

    • ​Fully adjustable to wear

    • ​Highly durable and versatile sling

    • ​Durable metal buckle

    • ​​Adjustable length from 25″ to 37″

    C7Tac Hawkeye Camo Review

    This is one of the best left/right handed deluxe tactical single point sling for the money on the market featuring three quick connect buckles and steel spring clip.

    The sling has a heavy duty bungee shock cord inside the web tubing will absorb the shock of firearm bouncing when not shouldered.

    A Metal spring loaded clip to quickly attach and detach to a sling loop on a firearm.

    A Shooter can quickly detach the sling from the firearm via any of the three quick connect buckles and to quickly re-attach the sling back onto the firearm.