usa stiletto

Product Details

  • Made with 1000D nylon material. 

  • Adjustable buckled strap 

  • ​Breathable mesh 
  • ​Soft padding wraps your pet’s neck

  • Durable material. Built To Last 

  • Does not restrict your pet’s movement 

  • ​Take your dog outside with pride 

  • ​​Adjustable length from 21″ to 45″

C7 TAC K9 Tactical Harness Review 

one of the best all-purpose deluxe tactical dog harness featuring tough inverted-pyramid cross stitching for maximum strength in the case you may need it.

The harness clips and locks with a snap which is satisfying. You’ll know your dog is ready to go. Additional top handle to effectively secure your pet while attaching their leash to the harness.

Attach and reattach the harness with ease taking advantage of this open yet secure design.