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Product Details

    • High Capacity – 20000mAH Super huge capacity solar powered charger

    • Dual USB makes it easy to charge two smartphones simultaneously

    • Powerful LED Flashlight with steady and SOS-Strobe modes

    • Five light indicators show battery status

    • Sturdy rain, splash, and shock-proof case

    • Built-in carabiner

    Blue Print Gadget Power Bank Review

    The Blueprint Gadgets Solar Power Bank is designed to charge devices from anywhere, anytime. The rugged construction and the solar panel makes this power charging bank ideal for outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

    No matter where you go, the solar power bank can provide the charge needed to keep phones and other devices staying charged and ready for use.

    The power bank can be recharged via USB when available or via the built-in solar panel. No matter where you are, your devices can easily be recharged with the solar power bank.

    It is a very useful tool and one that everyone should have to charge their devices when hiking or going outdoors.