Best Flashlights for Camping in 2020

When you go camping, you need to have a flashlight to use during the darkness of the nights. As a camping & hiking lover myself, I can confidently say that flashlight is the best friend during various camping activities.

When purchasing a camping flashlight, it is important to consider quality and multi-functionality. Since you’ll be using a flashlight every night in rural areas, checking the battery, body construction, and if there is any survival tools included is a must-do.

Below we have listed out the best flashlights for camping, so you have no need to look further! We even included a free one in case you’re on a tight budget! Keep in mind that we always put quality over anything.

Most Recommended

ProCharge Survival Flashlight

We recommend this ProCharge Survival Flashlight as our best pick in the article because it includes the features that an ideal camping flashlight would have. As you read more about it, I’m confident you’ll be amazed by its quality and multi-functionality. Here are some best features you should know:

High-quality battery and body

It has 3 functions including high, low, and strobe. The body of the ProCharge is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which means it has exceptional durability. ​A rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery will surprise you with its long-lasting capacity.

Emergency Tool

There is a reason why it’s called a survival flashlight. It also functions as an emergency break out tool allowing you to slice a seat belt with the built-in belt cutter and smash a window with the heavy-duty glass breaker. I personally believe every car owner should have an emergency tool in their cars, but keep in mind that it is also a high-quality flashlight!

USB Output

Not only those, ProCharge makes it possible for you to charge your phone! The built-in 2000mah lithium battery is more than enough for emergency phone charging. In fact, you can charge any device that accepts charge from a USB cable.

Integrated Solar Panel

The ProCharge can also be charged from the sun with its built-in solar panel. That being said, you don’t need electricity all the time to charge it, all you need is just to use the sunlight during the day!

There is a 60-day guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the flashlight for any reason. But we’re more than confident that you’ll love the product!

Runner Ups

EVATAC™ PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight

Let me introduce to you, the top-selling portable flashlight in America. Due to its outstanding performance and lightweight features combined with such an affordable price, it’s one of the most popular flashlights now. There are several features quickly set this beautifully designed flashlight apart:

Super Bright 1200 lumens XML2 LED Emitter

The PRO-XML uses the XMLU2 LED emitter with a single-die white lighting-class LED which is the highest performance flashlight can achieve. Having the capacity to deliver 1200 lumens with over 100 lumens per watt efficiency, you really won’t have to worry about if it’s going to be bright enough.

High-quality battery and body

The body of the EVATAC™ PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight is made from the aircraft-grade aluminum body and powered by 2 x 18650 Lithium batteries. The high-quality body and battery promise high-capacity battery life and long-lasting usage. In short, I can confidently say that this flashlight is built to last.

5 Light Functions

Compared to our first recommendation, the EVATAC™ PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight has 5 light functions including Full, Half, Low, SOS & Strobe. So it works well for all types of camping activities from hiking to looking for something.

Additionally, the adjustable light zoom will make it possible for you to zoom up to 1300ft!

Waterproof / Rustproof / Freeze proof

The flashlight is IP65 Waterproof which also can be submerged. Also, you can use it during extremely cold weather because it is freeze proof as well. Stainless & Rustproof features will come in handy during rainy or humid weather.

Plus, what I personally find particular about this EVATAC™ PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight is its contemporary and unique design. Who said flashlight can not be beautifully designed? It has a sleek matt black finish for stylish design.

Not only it features a beautiful & modern design, but the flashlight also includes a padded lockdown hard case in army green color. How amazing is that? 2 Port 18650 battery charger is also included as well.

Just like the ProCharge Survival Flashlight, there is a 60-day guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason.

1TAC TC1200 Flashlight

Our next recommendation is an incredibly durable, tactical flashlight from 1TAC. This flashlight is unique by the fact that it’s used and trusted by Armed Forces members. It has become available to the general public only lately. I also want to highlight the fact that it’s suitable for not only camping but for many other different activities. Some particular advantages include:

Lamp Life

Can you believe that the TC1200 flashlight has a lamp life of 100,000 hours? Therefore, it’s suitable for your both short and long time camping adventure without any need to charge.

Led Emitters

TC1200 is 25x brighter than a normal flashlight (1200 Lumens). It is also powered by the most advanced CREE LED technology in the market. Moreover, as it is also digitally regulated to maintain constant brightness, you won’t have to worry about the light halting.

Heat/Waterproof & Slip-resistant

Not only it is waterproof to IP65 Standard, but it is also designed to be protected from high-temperature places. There is even an experiment made which put the flashlight into boiling water, run over with a truck, set on fire, and even sent to space. Can you believe that? The experiments prove that the TC1200 is built to last, and operate at its highest performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Tactical Switch

There is a tactical tail switch with remote momentary-on and constant on-function. In addition, a 1x-2000x telescoping focus will make it easier for you to zoom in and out without any hassle.

You might have already guessed, but TC1200 is made of the durable aircraft-grade aluminum body for improved durability. Moreover, it can be used for hiking, hunting, fishing, roadside safety, and even in military, security, and law enforcement besides camping.

There is a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. However, I hope you’ve completely understood how amazing TC1200 is from our review. From quality to functionality, it won’t disappoint you 🙂

Free Camping Flashlights

Lastly, we have included amazing tactical flashlights that you can get for FREE! They are exceptional in quality and performs without any problem regardless of the inexpensive price. You should go for them if you’re on a tight budget!

In order to get them for free, all you have to is just sign up for our email list! Read more to find out more 🙂

Evatac Q5 Taclite Tactical Flashlight

If you’re looking for a convenient tactical flashlight for not only camping but also for everyday use, Q5 Taclite is the most suitable one. From quality to functionality, they promise the best. Below are some unique features I’ve personally loved about EVATAC Q5.

New Tech Q5 CREE LED Emitter

For such a small body, it is amazing how much of bright light can it emit. Some people misunderstand that if the body is small, it is not able to emit bright light. However, in fact, Q5 Cree Led is the brightest LED in a small handheld tactical flashlight.

Adjustable Zoom Flashlight Focus

You can use the wide beam for close proximity sight and the long beam to see up to 600ft places. For a small handheld tactical flashlight, it is more than enough.

Emergency Tool

In case you get in danger, or there is an emergency, you can easily use the bevel head for self-defense. The design is specifically made for defending or attacking.

Stainless & Rust Proof

As it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it is kept tough, rust-proof, and lightweight. Moreover, just like other flashlights, Q5 Taclite has 3 modes including high power, low power, and strobe.

Plus, as it only requires one AA battery, the upkeep is made a lot easier. The only downside of this high-quality flashlight is its need to replace the battery more often because it’s LED CREE.

HyBeam Mini Tactical Flashlight

Lastly, here is another lightweight and reliable mini tactical flashlight by HyBeam. Even though it is small and super affordable, the quality and amazing features will surprise you. Honestly, I can promise you that you woudn’t find any other mini tactical flashlight with exceptional quality for no price. Below are some unique features of this flashlight:

Heavy duty and Waterproof

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this flashlight is fully waterproof. Even one purchaser checked it by laying it down in a small glass bowl for 20 minutes and it was working excellently! She was happy that every part of the flashlight was screwed tightly. Moreover, it includes a strong carrying strap to keep it in the hand at necessary times. You know, sometimes we lose our flashlights easily, but straps will help you a lot in those situations.

Beveled edge for self-defense or as a glass breaker

If you get stuck in an emergency situation, the beveled edge of the flashlight works well for defending yourself breaking a glass to escape.

Three Mode Settings

In just a second, you can push the button to switch between two brightness settings which are a blinding high beam or low beam or a strobe setting that is suitable in emergency situations to signal for help. A lot of purchasers claimed it has such a bright light and durability even in extreme conditions.

Similar to our previous recommendation, any single AA battery can work. So you might need to replace the battery more often. However, I’m more than confident that HyBeam Mini Tactical Flashlight will exceed your expectation!