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Product Details

  • INCLUDES 2 pairs 

  • Ideal for driving at night

  • Reduces glare from oncoming traffic

  • Enhances clarity and color

  • Safer, less eye strain

  • Great for inclement weather

  • Reinforced frames

  • Unisex design

  • One size fits most

  • Flexible shape-memory polymer frames

Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses Review

Protect eyes from blinding headlight glare with the Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses by Atomic Beam.

Slide on a pair of Night Vision Glasses, part of the Battle Vision Sunglasses line, to block the harsh glare so you can see clearly.

The amazing green lenses are made to reduce glare from oncoming traffic so you see everything on the road to help keep you and others safe.

This is the most important product one should buy to protect their own health!