army surplus sleeping bag

The British Army has a whole range of sleeping bags for you to choose from. They come from the everyday low price to the very high end and have been designed to fit any sort of military usage. They’re not only durable but are far smellier than you may think. So whether you’re going on a camping trip with your troop or if you’re going off to an overseas deployment, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right sleeping bag with you. Since they are made from high quality materials, you’re unlikely to have to worry about them leaking. But what kind of options do you have?

One of the most popular types of sleeping bags is the one featuring thermal fleece. The British Army uses these on all of its uniforms. The material is exceptionally lightweight and keeps you warm throughout the night. This is a great benefit as it means that you can wear them for much longer than most conventional ones will. The good thing about using the British style is that they are made for both men and women, so there’s no gender divide.

Another one of the British army surplus sleeping bags is the sleeping bags with the ‘erkl’. These are shaped like a square and feature the traditional zipper that can either be left open or closed. The zipper is then fastened to two elastic straps around the waist and legs. The advantage of these is that they don’t have the elastic strips that can rip after prolonged use and the same can be said for the ‘erbswurst’ design which was the previous favourite. This one featured one side with a zipper and the other featuring a pair of drawstring pouches.

So far we’ve looked at the bar, which is the traditional design and the ‘erbswurst’ which has been discontinued. If you want your sleeping bag to have a little more personality then you could try getting hold of the ‘spurling Marabot’. This army surplus sleeping bag features a unique design and is made from the same material as the bag but in a brighter colour. The spurring Marabot also has two interior pockets, which are both large enough to store items and have the appearance of the words ‘Merry Christmas’ on them.

The ‘marzipan Rucksack’ is another unique sleeping bag. It is described by manufacturers as having a strong, rugged and protective design. It comes with a zipper enclosure and two internal pockets, which have the appearance of zippered wings on a bag. The bam is also available in a ‘limited edition’ while the ‘erbswurst’ and ‘spurling Marabot’ are already sold out. It doesn’t make a lot of sense though because according to manufacturers the spurring Marabot and bam are so popular that there will be hardly anyone who can resist buying the erbswurst or the spurring Marabot! But if you do happen to fancy these designs then there is still time to get hold of them as there are some army surplus stores that are offering the designs for free.

One more unique design has been released into the market, it is called the ‘Bivi Bag’ and it is inspired by the ancient Bivi bag that was used by nomadic tribesmen in Morocco. The modern day bivi bag looks similar to an African bag made from natural materials. They come with an internal pocket which is great for storing essential belongings but is also large enough to be used as a stand. In addition, the pockets are large enough to be used to stow many different items such as radios, underwear, slippers and even shoes. If you really want to pamper yourself, why not buy an army surplus sleeping bag and try to use it as a big bag!