ark sleeping bag

As anyone who has been camping for a while will know, the debate over which is the superior sleeping bag – the Marmot Ark or the Coleman Recliner – continues. The winner is probably going to be the Recliner, but both have their pluses and minuses. So what’s it all about? There are a number of things that separate these two bags.

* Size. In general, the larger the bag the more comfortable you are going to be. You’ll have room to get dressed, a few things, and some gear, so a big bag isn’t necessary. But if you’re in an especially cold climate, or are concerned about portability, then size is definitely a consideration. Think about it. If you’re backpacking into the forest and you’ve forgotten your sleeping bag, it’ll be a lot colder than you’d like, and a big bag may help you get to where you’re going faster.

* Price. Of course this comes back to personal preference. Different bags will cost in different ways. I tend to favor one because it’s cheaper, but the choice isn’t absolute. Again, it all depends on what you plan to use the bag for.

* Storage. Obviously, you want room for things. Some are better at hanging than others. Most double stitched bags come with some sort of storage/pouch/stuffing that goes with it.

* Material. Some of these bags are just as comfortable with some type of polyester lining that makes them light and easily stored. Others are more like a heavy-duty canvas with an anti-bacterial lining inside. It really depends on the type of bag you’re looking at.

* Durability. This is pretty high on the list as well. Like any type of bag, these will last for a while. When I’m going on a camping trip, I look at durability first before price. Of course, the more you pay, the more it’s going to be for you.

* Price. If you can afford it, go for it. But sometimes it’s better to pay the extra money for a higher quality bag. You can sleep better and enjoy a great bag at the same time.

* Special features. Some of these sleeping bags have liners that actually expand. They make the bag warmer and keep stuff dry. These are usually expensive and add a lot of weight to the bag.

* Materials. Usually, the cheaper bags are made out of inferior materials. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes the better bags are made out of better, high-grade materials. Look for this when buying. It might be worth it for you.