Product Details

  • Food and Water

  • Light and Communication 

  • Shelter and Warmth 

  • Tools And First Aid 

  • Hygiene and Sanitation

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Stealth Angel Emergency Kit Review


An emergency survival kit will be a literal lifesaver in a world where anything can happen, and every family, couple, and individual needs to have one within close reach.

If one of these natural disasters happened, your home could lose power, water, or even be destroyed, and you might even have to leave your home quickly.

You’re going to need something that’s ready to go, that has the important items that you need. Do you have a fully stocked Go-Bag ready?

You’ll need a flashlight, water, maybe some food, and a multitool. With this emergency kit, you’ll have your most important needs to care for your self and your loved ones. This is a must have product that can help anyone in an emergency.