AlumiTact x700 Flashlight Review

Most flashlights have transformed into tactical or survival flashlights that have better technology and better functionality. If you don’t own x700, tactical or survival flashlights, I urge you to purchase not only one, but a few of them as they’re one of the best self-defense tools and high-quality flashlights.

If you don’t have emergency or self-defense tools in your house, car, or with yourself, a tactical or survival flashlight is the best tool to keep and carry. Flashlights don’t only come in handy when it comes to brightening the darkness, but they also come in handy for camping, hiking, or military activities.

If you want to learn more about the best survival flashlights, you can find our best recommendation here. As for tactical flashlights, we highly recommend 1200lm EVATAC™ PRO-XML Tactical Flashlight. But what is x700 flashlight, and what makes it special? Here is our x700 tactical flashlight review.

What is the x700 Tactical LED Flashlight?

There are quite a few x700 tactical flashlights in the market today. However in this specific tactical flashlight review, we’re introducing one of the best flashlights in terms of material quality, functionality, versatility, and durability. 

The x700 is famous for its name as a high performance military-grade tactical flashlight. As it is obvious from the name, the x700 flashlights offer 700 lumens of light. 700 lumens should be enough to light up to 600ft.

What does the military-grade mean? Military-grade flashlights are usually made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum material for durability and longevity. But in most cases, the aircraft-grade aluminum material doesn’t make the flashlight heavier, in fact, most flashlights we recommend are way more lightweight than you think.

Moreover, military-grade flashlights are widely used by military forces, firefighters, cops, hunters, hikers, campers, and more. Of course, it can be used in everyday lives, but the point is that x700 tactical flashlight can do more than simple everyday flashlights.

What is the AlumiTact x700 Flashlight?

AlumiTact x700 Flashlight is known as the \”military-review strategic electric lamp\”. This tactical flashlight is from a Minneapolis-based organization and works as both a self-defense tool and lightning for the dark nights.

Aforementioned, this x700 is built from pure aluminum material. Therefore, the manufacturer guarantees that AlumiTact x700 is stronger and will last longer than other led flashlights. As a self-defense tool, it is not only durable and tough but also lightweight.

It is not exactly the best in the field, but 700 lumens is a considerably high amount of energy. The led flashlight comes with adjustable brightness, manual focus, and zoom functionality which allows you to zoom from 1x up to 2000x. These incredible features prove how versatile AlumiTact x700 is.

How does the AlumiTact x700 Flashlight work?

You can use two battery types for the AlumiTact x700. There is one battery holder for three AAA batteries. You could also use one 18650 Battery instead of triple AAA batteries. A battery pouch for 1 X 18650 is included in the packaging. It is completely up to you what type of batteries you choose. But keep in mind that the batteries do not come with the packaging, you’ll have to purchase them. 

The product is built from XPE LED light bulbs and lumen emitters. These lightbulb and lumen emitters do not expire. They’ll last for an unlimited amount of time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them. The bulb is capable of lightning for about 100,000 hours. 

In addition to the zoom feature, the led flashlight also offers 5 separate settings. It has a high mode which is most suitable to be used in extreme dark circumstances. The medium and small modes are suitable to be used in everyday activities when you don’t need extremely bright light. I personally highly recommend using the high mode when you’re in a little dangerous situation. But in emergency situations, you should use the strobe and SOS mode. The strobe mode is helpful when you need to blind any attacker. However, the SOS mode is essential in calling for help during emergency situations. With this mode, you can flash the morse code easily. 

You can control the lightning by winding the device to either side. When you need to switch between the five settings, you can easily do so by twisting the head of the flashlight. 

The Special Features:

  • 700 lumens of brightness
  • The adjustable focus beam lets you zoom up to 2000x
  • 5 modes, including high, mid, low, SOS, and strobe
  • Waterproof
  • Self-defense mode 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Made from high-grade aircraft aluminum
  • LED Emitter
  • Heatproof and freeze proof
  • Affordable price

Pros & Cons of AlumiTact x700 Flashlight:

There is no such thing as a perfect tactical flashlight. That’s why we always try to write our honest review/opinion on the flashlight including both advantages and disadvantages. Below we have listed out the pros and cons of AlumiTact x700 Tactical Flashlight to help you make the final decision 🙂

Firstly, AlumiTact x700 can work excellently in any kind of weather condition whether it’s rainy, hot, snowy, or freezing cold. There is an experiment where it’s been placed in water that has been heated to 200 degrees celsius, and still worked excellently! Even if you place it in a block of ice, you won’t see a single malfunction. 

Secondly, considering all the amazing features that I’ve mentioned above, we believe AlumiTact x700 is one of the best tactical flashlights for outdoor activities. The fact that it is made from top-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and XPE LED light bulbs & lumen emitters ensure you can go hiking, camping, or traveling for a long amount of time. The battery won’t die easily, while its performance will be still excellent even in extreme weather conditions and during pitch black. 

The only drawback could be the fact that you can not recharge it with chargers or USB. But it really shouldn’t be an issue since the battery longevity and capacity is admirable. 

Pricing and Money-back Guarantee:

As I mentioned above, AlumiTact x700 Tactical Flashlight is really affordable for the quality it provides. It is usually sold at a price of $224.45 which might seem a little expensive to you. However, currently, there is a 75% sale on the product! So instead of purchasing it for the actual price of $224.45 you can now order it for 56$. 

But keep in mind that the sale is available for only a limited amount of time. So I would urge you to grab it while you can! I believe it is such a golden deal you can’t miss. If you’ve carefully read our honest reviews on literally every feature of the AlumiTact x700, you are aware of the fact that 57$ is so affordable for all the \”magic\” it offers 🙂 

Our Final Verdict:

To conclude our review, we must say that we’re impressed by AlumiTact x700 ourselves. Despite the fact that it cannot be charged, everything about the flashlight makes it convenient for not only outdoor adventures but also for everyday activities as well as any dangerous or emergency situations. 

A lot of purchasers came back to order it again for the second time due to its quality, versatility, and functionality. Some even claim that it is one of the best flashlights they have ever owned. It’s the same for us too 🙂 

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