If you’ve been camping for a while you may have seen people walking around with an AEGIS (Aegis International) Sleeping Bag. These sleeping bags seem to be the most popular and are available in just about every size imaginable. You can find them packed up in a variety of colors and made from a wide variety of materials. The question that you are probably asking is how do you choose a sleeping bag that is best suited to your needs?

In just a few items in your camping gear checklist you could rack up a pretty hefty bill, but having your sleeping bag liners to go with them can really get pricey real fast. When shopping for a new sleeping bag you usually have two choices in material. Go with a polyester down bag or a more hypoallergenic synthetic one. Having a waterproof liner on your bag can be extremely important if you end up wetting the bed. A Egismax Sleeping Bag has taken this into consideration and has developed a down alternative called the Egistax Down Blanket, which weighs almost nothing, yet provides a super soft and warm blanket.

Even if you only use your aegismax on a weekend hike or two, you’ll still want to take it along when hiking long trips. You may even find yourself bringing along your aegismax with you on a longer road trip. Having a small sleeping bag to use while hiking can be helpful, especially if you want to spend more time in comfort. If you don’t like the idea of lugging around a heavy sleeping bag all day long, what you need is an aegismax sleeping bag liner.

Most of the time, it’s very difficult to determine the ideal warmth level for any particular item, such as a pair of hiking boots. If you’re using any sort of insulation to keep the cold out, you’re going to need to figure out the ideal temp range to keep your feet toasty warm. If you’re not sure about the range that you should aim for, try a number of different types of insulation and fill material and then pick the best one for your needs.

The actual size of the sleeping bags is going to depend on what you intend on using it for. The larger the bag, the lower the fill weight. Lower fill weight means less bulk to carry, so it will take up less space in your backpack. This is important if you intend on carrying it a good distance, or if you plan on hiking long distances. However, if you’re only using it at night, you won’t need to worry about the fill weight at all.

You will need to find the right Sleeping Bag Liner for your Aegemax Sleeping Bag, too. You can do this by considering the coldest temperatures that you’ll be facing while backpacking. Typically, these include around freezing and below -50 degree Fahrenheit. A sleeping bag liner is going to help maintain the temperature more evenly throughout your bag, and will help keep the cold out better than if you had a liner that was designed for temperatures much colder than your backpacking adventure would call for.

At these low temperatures, light and heat will be much more abundant than at higher temperatures. You can also pack a little more food and gear in a smaller bag to use up more of your energy, which can be extremely wise if you’re backpacking long distances. One thing to keep in mind is that a down alternative like goose down will provide even more warmth at a lower weight. These down alternatives have been proven to work nearly twice as well as traditional down, and have been used for years for camping.

With the addition of an AEGismax sleeping bag liner, you’re packing a lot more into your sleeping bags than you would with just a normal stuff sack. The down alternatives provide a tremendous amount of insulation and power, which means that your bag will stay warmer for longer periods of time. If you plan on being out in the woods for extended amounts of time, you might consider getting a goose down sleeping bag instead, as they are still very lightweight and pack away nicely. If you are a minimalist type of person, then this is definitely the way to go. However, if you like a little more luxury and want a heavier duty sleeping bag, then a down alternative will do just fine.